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Art Guidelines & FTP Instructions


Acceptable File Formats

Illustrator CS2 or below.

Photoshop 7 or below.

Quark 6 or below (not preferred).

Photoshop and Illustrator are preferred, as they are more suitable applications for large format printing. Quark files may cause fragmented text or gradients. If this occurs, art time will be charged to fix the files. We recommend that you export the files as an EPS and convert all fonts to outlines.



Fonts must be provided or text must be converted to outlines. If you are working on a PC, please provide True Type fonts or convert all text to outlines.



All rasterized files must be between 100-120 pixels per inch (PPI) at full size.



Files must be built as one image. Be aware of panel breaks and try to minimize the amount of text that crosses over panels. Do not use Quark to layout your artwork for murals, use Illustrator or Photoshop. Illustrator special effects that mimic Photoshop effects, such as glows, transparencies or drop shadows are not supported for mural output.



All files must be CMYK.

Provide hardcopy layouts on all graphics.

If Pantone colors are used, please indicate on hard copy. Any critical colors pertaining to logos or corporate identity should be called out as Pantone coated or uncoated.


Vinyl Graphics

All artwork must be vector.

No gradients.

Assign PMS values for color matching.


Dye Sublimation

Add 2 of bleed around perimeter and make sure graphic is proportionate to the display.


Online Templates

Templates for all banner-stand are available online.


Acceptable Storage Media

DVD, CD, 3.5 floppy and Zip disks.

FTP is also available at

For a username and password on accessing this site,
please send an email to


FTP Instructions

Placing graphic files on the FTP site is easy, fast and free. There are simple steps to follow and you can have all the files you want produced placed on our site and ready for production.


Put all art files in a folder and label it something unique to the job.

Stuff or Zip the folder using compression software such as Zip or Stuff It.

Be sure the compressed folder size is under 500 MB.


Go the site by using your web browser and entering in the address field or use a program called an FTP software such as fetch which is an interface for transferring files via FTP. For a username and password on accessing this site, please send an email to


Simply drag your folder onto the site and drop.  The file transfer will begin automatically. When the transfer is complete you must send an email to explaining what the file name is and that it has been posted.

We accept all major credit cards